From March 26 to April 9, a trip full of emotions and adventures!

On the 26th of March 2009, our dream was to fly over the rainbow.. and so high.

‘The plane leaves at 7 pm, The plane leaves at 7 pm…’ It was in all our heads. Oh ! What about our faces that morning ? Hum… Everybody looked very tired, but excited too !

Parents and friends looked sad and worried for some of them ^_^ ‘Mum, Dad, I’m going to check in one bag, and then we have to go through security.’ We saw tears on their face when we said those sentences.

After a moment, we entered the first plane to go to London Heathrow. Some of us slept during this one hour flight. When we arrived in London, we were crazy about the shops at the airport ! Everybody thought ‘Wow, let’s go now ! And let speak English ! Right Mrs Michaux ? =) ‘

We spent 3 hours in Heathrow, and we took the 8 hour plane for Toronto ! We listened to music, we watched movies and we talked to each other !

‘Oh please ! Where is number one ? And number five ? Please !
- One, two…’   

Toronto… I love You !

‘That’s an American school bus!’ that girl said. Yeah, really. In fact, that bus was really more than a normal bus. Every day, we could see our French friends, and talk and laugh and cry, and complain ! Really good moments in this yellow bus.

Okay… ‘Hum please Mrs. ? What's today ?
- The 8th of April you know…’

Oh no =’(  That day was so sad ! Oh, a lot of people cried. We had a free hug party next to Park Street Collegiate. ‘I will miss you’ , we heard that sentence a lot, on the 8th of April 2009.

We entered our favorite school bus for the last time, and, with tears on our faces, we said ‘Bye’ to our Canadian friends.

We took the plane in Toronto in the evening… Nobody talked. Some of us were sleeping, or just thinking about that original trip.

‘Hi Mum, Hi Dad.’

Canada… I miss you so much …

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