Toronto is the biggest city of Canada and the capital of the state of Ontario. It is situated in the south of this state. There are 2.5 millon inhabitants for an area of 642 km2. The main building in Toronto is the CN Tower which is very famous because it is the 2nd highest tower in the world.

In Toronto there is a museum called Black Creek Pioneer Village in which people can explore an authentically re-created 1860's Ontario country village.


Barrie is a very attractive city, situated 65km from Toronto. There are 128 430 inhabitants and an area of 77 km2.

The motto of the city is “The People are the City”.

The tourists can explore the region as it was long time ago thanks to the Museum of Simcoe County and Victoria Village Street make you travel in time. Barrie is a good place to fish; people can fish all the time because in winter there are special fishing shacks.


Orillia is also called the Sunshine city. It is lined with two lakes: Couchiching and Simcoe. Orilla originates in the Spanish “Orilla” which means the shore of either a lake or a river. There are 30 000 inhabitants, the city is as big as Oullins but more spreaded out. The main monuments are Champlain’s statue who is the man who discovered Quebec and the miniature train

There is also a museum called Orillia Museum Art and History. Thanks to this building people can discover the past of Orillia through photographies and artifacts

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